Thursday, May 17, 2007

Those Who Cannot Remember the Past ABC Radio
We don't get into Presidential politics here, but an item in our domain comes this week from not-candidate Fred Thompson. You can hear or read Thompson talk a little about military history and college campuses. I particularly love this quote:
"The hundred years of talking about slavery was not as important as two days at Gettysburg. The success or failure of Normandy affected Hitler more in an hour than had years of pleading with him in the 1930s."
In fairness to the Professoriate, Thompson misses one point in that many of the left brain types on campus have their hands and head more than full with technology, sciences a plenty, and just keeping systems running. That too much curriculum design gets left to those of the feel more than think side, well, that's our fault and we (the taxpayers and donors who fund colleges) need to explain what we want taught and direct them back to focusing on the art of storytelling.

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