Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Nation's Report Card
I've been holding this back for a week now, perhaps perplexed by the headline in the Fox News article: More Students Know their History, Civics. Is that really the case? Yeah, a few states have upped their curriculum requirements a bit. At the same time, the standards opponents will have us all believe that testing of reading and math have obliterated all time in school to study the arts, social sciences, and anything of culture. Perhaps both views are right. Perhaps the students can answer more history and civics questions because more students can actually read the questions.

And, does identifying tribe totem poles and the joys of cliff-dwelling really provide a boost in understanding how to earn, keep, protect, and expand freedom and the rule of law and the ensuing life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?
Civics 2006
History 2006

We'll keep working here. Our discussions with those under 25 (or 45) lead us to believe there just might still be a market and even a need for rich stories of heroes told with sound, motion, and interactivity.

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