Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Silent Epidemic -- Homepage
We've long written here about it; MTV, the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation, America's Promise, and others have banded together to try and force some change. The site provides resources for teens, parents, policy makers, and citizens to help reverse teen dropouts. MTV is running a show about educational choices, aiming to remind their young viewers that the piece of paper matters. The site offers a 10 Point Plan, this week there was a National Summit, and you can help hold a local summit.

Senator Kennedy and Secretary Spellings co-authored National epidemic, economic necessity this week. Included in their facts:
Fifteen percent of the nation’s high schools produce more than half of its dropouts.
Jynell Harrison was the winner of thinkMTV's Be the Voice campaign and a $10,000 college scholarship. She told of her story of dropping out, and you can find more of these: MTV's The Dropout Chronicles. MTV also has more on the summit

Of course, if you're reading this, you're already compelled to help make education much more accessible, interesting, and sticky. You're working to raise the knowledge and excitement of teachers everywhere, and that alone can't help but rub off on students.

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