Friday, May 04, 2007

Head2Head Interviews ActiveHistory
I know, it should be Free Beer Friday! And on an Open Sources project blog no less!! But this one will cost you. $60US, in fact. A big chunk of change--half our yearly webhosting budget! Looks like they use Oddcast Characters--like our own Lydia. MAybe your school will foot the bill. Russell Tarr, the proprietor of Active History, is certainly an amazing man. While many full time teachers complain at the end of the day that they have no time. Mr. Tarr has gone off and built up over the years this amazing site.
Most of the site used to be free; you can imagine that his costs have jumped over time, and a man of these talents should certainly retire on more than a schoolmaster's pension!! Some of the interactive items are still available free at this writing. One we've been playing with is Rennaissance Florence: Time Machine Mission.

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