Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ruby on Rails goes 2.0 Riding Rails
At announcement time, I thought this more a personal milestone, but have since noticed that we'd marked Rails 1.1, and I think this belongs here. If nothing else, it explains where my time has gone lately, as the 2.0 version just promised to solve a number of problems, and indeed it has.

2.0 was long undersold as a consolidation release. It does indeed consolidate, but the renewed focus which that allows on other improvements is dramatic. Little things like proper JSON output mean much if you're not that good at generating your own patches to simple shortcomings. Plus, plugin writers were anticipating 2.0 in their code, so having that release out of the way makes it much better to use some plugins. And, there's lots of RESTful stuff, for your webservice2.0 pleasure.

Oh, they've already moved up to 2.02, with some substantive improvements on the .02 tag.

Monday, December 10, 2007

You'll notice that postings have been rather sparse lately. As promised earlier, I've been spending time looking at ways to bring more into the fold. So, I've been spending time with teachers, and sometimes writing over at classroom 2.0. One outcome is that I want to switch this blog to a Ning-type discussion area. I've also been bootstrapping a Parks System, which has nothing to do with you all, bud is eating time. Third, I've been trying to teach myself RubyOnRAILS, which would be easy enough if I had any skill at programming.

Soo... I'm still here, working away at the overall project. Stay in touch.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

US Students Do Worse in Science and Math Associated Press
Worse than most other countries, that is. Hmm. And we don't have time for history and civics because we are forced by big government to teach math and science to the Test?