Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy 400th, America!!
Yes, today is it! The 4ooth anniversary of the landing and settling at Jametown island. After a bad attempt to set up camp at Virginia beach (unfriendly campers there), and a rather long sail up the Roads and the James River, they found a spot that looked comfy and plunked down...400 years ago today. 'Twas not much later til the US suffered its first war dead. And I can tell you from the flies that bit my legs the entire time we stood there last summer, 'tis not the most enjoyable place on the coast. But there they stayed, and eventually profitably. And here we are to tell the tale.

The President stopped by yesterday. The Queen was there last week of course. What about you? Will you make it?
Jamestown 2007 - America's 400th Anniversary

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