Thursday, June 05, 2003

Nelson Thorne's [ sitemap ]
Nephew Kyle has joined the hunt for web media, and he immediately found a great example from Britain! Nelson Thornes, ltd, the textbook publisher, offers interactive features, and has a couple examples.

They made the first, Contenders for the Throne, a downloadable archive. Unzip it, go to your browser, and open the swf file there. It’s actually a great little exercise. Question, though: Isn’t “fascinating fact” an oxymoron?

The second, Dress the Norman Knight is a frustrating little game that you get all right, or start all over again. More frustrating from a public perspective is that it’s in the "secondary" or “Key Stage 3” resources, directory. Does a 8th grader learn from this?

Both are part of a 12 game CD-ROM that includes:
Black Death Diaries
Castle Attack
Help Farmer Eustace
The Life and Death of Thomas Becket
Monastery Challenge
You be the Judge

Finally, they also have a list of recommended websites:
Nelson Thornes History Website Directory

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