Saturday, February 28, 2009

smArtHistory Reloaded!
Oh, ho! Look at the sweet upgrades to!

On occasion, we've shown you some of the gorgeous video podcasts from the group. The podcasts were rich and deep; yet their website was pretty much just a blog with video.

No more! Check out this timeline of Art across the years. Beautiful!

Wait, wait!! Before you click, let me tell you not to let text put you off! Many of the art stories have a video to go with! If the first one you get doesn't, finad another. The smArtHistory videos are great short looks at what the artists were doing and what stories they tell.

I want to come back to this. Beautiful as it is, there's lots of possible improvements. It should be fun to explore.


Beth Harris and Steven Zucker said...

Hi Ed,
Thanks for posting about Beth and I are hard at work on another upgrade and so I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on improving the site. We are focusing on ways to open the site to users beyond Flickr. Please let us know what you've been thinking.

Ed said...

Steve, I searched over at Classroom 2.0 and could find but one reference to smArtHistory. Have you looked at that as a way to spread the word to teachers?

If you're focused on social networking connections, the thought leaders there might have suggestions on that, too. Teachertube for example?