Friday, February 27, 2009

A Cool Encounter!
Can't not mention this here. Noonish today found me at Panera, writing away on Another Blog, when I heard behind me an intriguing comment. "We were working with the government of Senegal, trying to hep them organize their Education system, and ..."

'Organizing an education system'? Mind you, I'm taking a break from my programming to engage Deb Meier, Diane Ravitch, and others on the very topic of organizing an ed system. I had to butt in.

"Oh, yeah, we consult with different governments" says my neighbor. "Really?" says I. "And have you tried helping Cleveland or Dayton?"

Which obviously lead to an interesting discussion.

Over at Education Gadfly, Checker and Mike review the President's 'Day of Reckoning" and his spending plans in re education. Its a lot of money.

Teachers, when you hear us groaning, its not because we want you to do more with less. We just think you could do more with more...if the processes were a bit different.

It took me and my new acquaintance 5 seconds to understand each other on why he is welcome in Senegal but not Ohio.

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