Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where is Ed?
Though we're fast approaching our sixth anniversary at this blog, its mighty skimpy here. Why? Will things get back to normal? Improve? Inquiring minds ...inquire.

Its that money thing, though not entirely about our money. While I've continued to write toward the same goals, the location has moved a bit.

You could find me much at Classroom 2.0 in late 2007, at FiresideLearning for most of 2008, and writing quite a bit at Bridging Differences for the past couple months. And a number of other places. Plus, writing grant application. And writing Master Plans for a new park district.

...And writing Ruby code. Well, not so much writing new code as struggling to integrate and make work the nearly dozen languages, frameworks, and packages which I'm pulling together to make into a new learning app. Its going very slowly. There's something to be said for live teachers. I've taught myself so much over the years, I kind of forgot there are limits to what one can teach one's least efficiently.

Maybe I'll write about that in another post.

And what of history interactives? Is anyone doing them anymore? There are a few I've tagged the past couple months; just never written up. They weren't that exciting. PBS certainly got tired of them; that institution was a major player in the early years. BBC seemed to still work them. And a couple private companies; you had to pay them annual fees to see them.

Social networking seems to have killed much of the innovation of the web. Not that much of it isn't great; it is. Yet kids need to learn more than what they can learn chatting. Some people at Fireside and other places are quite tired of hearing me say that.

So, when Eduweb 3.0? I asked that two years ago, and its worth rephrasing here.

I'm working at it, when I'm not repairing Windows for people, or pushing leaders to build a heritage trail. I truly hope we can release something in the next month. A middling programmer would have released it a year ago.

It's a good platform, though. It'll be nice to bring kids back to rich content.

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