Monday, March 16, 2009

1200 Posts
As I logged in to Blogger this morn, it informed me there are 1200 posts in this blog. That's a lie, of course. Many of those 1200 items are draft posts which never got written up properly. Still, that's a wee bit of research and writing about using the Internet to teach history, about open source education, about the biggest problems with education in cities, and about the ancillary experiences of an education entrepreneur.

Friday's our six year anniversary as a blog. It has yet to become the community I'd envisioned.

In that time has come a lot of experiences which few people get to tie together; a strange sort of conglomeration in a now very specialized world.'

I wish I were at South By Southwest today. While I didn't go because of 'a deficit in the budget', it'll probably work out better this way. Maybe. everything's a long shot when you're bootstrapping.

Funny, I recall going to a bootstrappers meeting/party at SXSW two years ago. It looks like they didn't get far at bootstrapping the bootstrappers' network! :-)

Oops. Back to coding. And driving 3 hours to attend a Ruby/rails meeting.

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