Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jamestown Rediscovery
The American Story has it's share of wonderful coincidence; one has to be the discovery of Jamestown Fort just in time for America's 400th anniversary celebration!

On a childhood visit--or any visit before 1990--you would have been told that Jamestown Fort lies somewhere out in the sea. Washed away by erosion of the James River and swept out to the briny deep. Not today!

In the early 90's one archaeologist took on the establishment and set out to prove that the fort still remained. And remained it did - untouched by earlier less sophisticated digging, it remains today a still partially tapped reservoir of History.

On our visit they were excavating the original sweet well. A square well, unlike almost any well of the time. Very exciting to watch students scrape away at what was last seen 400 years ago.

Even better, you can now see what they've found in a brand spanking new archaearium. Soon you'll also be able to explore a new visitors center at the National Park; last year the state of Virginia added its new Jamestown Settlement full of living history.

A great feature inside the Archaearium is the virtual viewers. By pointing these at an area of the original fort, you can peel back the layers of time and see what was discovered. We could learn a lot from these for online history!

Happy Anniversary America, and what a way to celebrate!

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