Friday, July 21, 2006

Caffe Ritazza, J. Murrey Atkins Library - U.N.C.C.
We probably could have guessed after the tower addition is complete - but yes, this is a library! The entrance from the arena through the cafe gave thoughts of another student center of some sort - but then came the warning to check out books before entering the cafe.

If you're in school now, avert your eyes from the next bit. (There was a time when colleges consisted mostly of Classrooms. With slightly less space given over to dorms, a gym, and a library. If you're in school, you know nothing if this setup - your campus is mostly auxilliary buildings. Sometimes, its almost hard to find the academic structures).

But this post is not about that - its about the rise of networked learning. Eighteen HP t5700's run the screens here in the library cafe - and surely a wifi link is present. Few books are on the main floor of the lib either - and those in display cases.

OK,... you've guessed that this is just a reminder for those readers who still think old-school. Are the t5700's old-school too?. Me, I have a deadline to meet on a hiking trail. More on Williamsburg, Jamestown, etc. next week. Get outta here - it's summer!

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