Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Happy Start of Summer!!!
Today we hauled the BigAssGrill over for a cookout for the kids at the Jr. Hi. The first thing to be noted was that it was not raining, and the sun was shining--which would definitley not have been the case last week or the week before.

The second thing to be noted was the math skills of the teaching staff, who had some trouble with the concept that 380 kids will eat at least 380 free hamburgers and hotdogs--not 250 or less.

The third thing to note is that this is just a warmup for the busy summer grill season - starting with the grand parade and wienie throwing on Monday. Last year 1000 went - well like our fall hotcakes - so this year we'll cook up 1500 doggies to toss to the children old and young.

You don't toss wieners in your parade? Huh! Gives the ole ball-park feel to the event!

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