Thursday, May 04, 2006

Career/technical education: The solution to our dropout crisis? Fordham Foundation - Gadfly
Far too many students drop out and miss the education - and diploma - they need. No news here. What we are hearing over and over is that it is boredom - not failure - which drives the majority out.

Liam Julian here takes a look at Career Academies and other vocational hands on work solutions to keeping kids in school.

I put this here to tickle your minds and reiterate. This site is not another Wikipedia; it is not about college prep. For one thing, I'm way out of high school and I still don't usually want my history to be "college prep".

Take a simple Bible story. I didn't get them; maybe you didn't either. Yet Wikipedia forces us through a hearing of every anal analyst on the spectrum of whether Shem son of Noah was Archaeologically proveable. That's not the point.

I want to be culturally literate, and so does the dude who wants a small mechanic or landscaping shop. And neither of us wants to slog through tomes just to find out the story.

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