Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Speaking of war and Iraq, the New York Times carries a series of interactive graphics dedicated to it.

You can find the series, and many more interactive graphics at their Multimedia Index page. Or, find it through their "Nation at War" page.

Among the interactive features published so far:
Objectives in Iraq
U.S. Forces
Iraqi Forces
Iraq Journal: A Land of Open Secrets
Europe and the Iraq Crisis
Interactive Graphic: Building a Floating Bridge
Interactive Graphics: Baghad From Above
Interactive Map: Day 3: Action in Iraq
Interactive Graphics: Anatomy of the Air Campaign
On the Ground [sound]
Apache Longbow
March 22: Pushing North
March 24: Monday's Action in Iraq
March 25: Entering the 'Red Zone'
Interactive Graphics: Downtown Baghdad
The Republican Guard
The Allies
Iraq's Potential Future

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