Sunday, March 30, 2003

This Flash presentation of Amnesty International USA's Imagine ad campaign isn't history really. I mention it in the context of the last entry.

History may well hold groups like Amnesty accountable that more of us were unaware of the volume of attrocities. By diluting their message with domestic political squabbles, Amnesty wastes energy and goodwill which should focus on barberous acts like torture.
Today, for example, instead of using their website as a platform to bring attention to the years of horror in Iraq, they instead use their site to attack and urge action against the US President. Instead of cheering for an end to the torture regime of Iraq, they blast the US for attacking Iraqi TV. AI-USA callously calls this broadcast tower a civilian asset, though it has this week been used to remind Iraqi civilians and military alike that they risk being shot or worse if they help the coalition.

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