Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Not only could this be the first war with television correspondents embedded in every major unit, it could also be the first war history told with interactive graphics. CNN offers:
  • Major Iraqi Flash Points.
  • Ground Weapons
  • War Tracker page includes an interactive map of the day's situation. Previous days are also available.
  • Maps page is also interactive. It includes satellite imagery for several major locations. Look for palace in Taqrit.
  • Video viewing is now a premium service at CNN, but they have several audio slide shows which are great. Index
  • The Weapons page has interactive graphics for nearly every weapon in the inventories. If you make it to Iraq's WMD's, including gangrene, you've seen a pretty comprehensive list.
    See the neat 3-D view of the Scud launcher. (Uses Cult 3-D ).

    MSNBC also has Iraq: The Interactive Library. Most of these are quick text facts. I will point out the History of U.S. forays since 1898.
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