Thursday, September 01, 2011

Learning History from the Family Truckster (and Stay-cation Sucks Again).

Summer usually finds this blog filled with reports on some of our true national treasures, our national parks and historic sites, the many fine historic outdoor dramas, and some exhortations to get out there!

This summer we let you down, not even getting the exhortations part right.

In fact, what with trying to do three hard and time-consuming things, all with no stored up treasure and a deeply fallen business income, the past year and more has just sucked in the travel department.

But before summer fades completely, at least a little hearkening back to fatter years:
OK, that's a few. Click the "Trailside" category for more.

It's a good enough reminder that the best education doesn't always come in a classroom, from a salaried teacher, or a textbook tome.

And yet, I actually was conversing with the HS vice-principal last eve, and they think the school can't afford a trip to Washington this year.

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Anonymous said...

I was lucky my son's middle school still went to Washington DC. I think he got plenty out of it.