Monday, July 30, 2007

History on the Summertime Road
The human body simply requires an occasional return to the sea, and a UV-filled reminder that we belong outdoors. That objective in aim, we took to the road last week.

The first and best encounter: Horn in the West, the 56th season outdoor drama of Daniel Boone's west and the coming of the Revolution. What an awesome way to spend an evening, and what a tremendous job these summer production companies do for young actors. I'm jealous that we weren't able this summer to similarly work with college developers.

There are side stories of commitment here. How consistent are you? You know that Cal Ripken played 21 seasons, sixteen without missing a game? Glenn Causey played the role of Daniel Boone for 41 seasons without missing a show! Dr. Kermit Hunter, script author, wrote forty other historical dramas, taking up the baton from Paul Green, of our own Trumpet in the Land and the Roanoke (Outer Banks)' Lost Colony.

The story itself of course just leaves more questions. How accurate is it? Why did Daniel disappear just when the war called? Has modern research altered the script? Should it?

And for our own interests, what parts of this can we bring to online, interactive, sound-and-motion storytelling? Are they on Youtube. etc? Can they be?

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