Monday, July 30, 2007

Cyc 101 -- Cycorp, Inc.
Yes, your opportunity to spend three days learning how to make a machine world-smart is just around the corner. ... Maybe. It says in one place Fall '07. Elsewhere is says they planned it for April.

I came to Cyc this morn on perusing mine own resume, which lists me as a follower of Cyc/OpenCyc and the CRL/KRL languages and ontologies which proceeded Cyc. This effort is starting to look like the building of a Gothic cathedral. We knew it would take awhile, but golly gee, fifteen years and they're just up to version 1.0!!

The world has changed enormously since Cyc started - the Internet ran on 9.6kbps modems and was thinking of adding gif images. So what have the Cyc crew been up to all this time? I suspect it has much to do with some folk who work in Langley and Ft. Meade, but...

Anyway, if you ever say, "I wish things would just slow down", why take a gander at CycCorp!

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