Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Webrangers Activity: Powder Monkey
Speaking of the National Parks, here's some old friends, expanded along the way.

It's tempting to dismiss the core educational value of these. And we'll admit, it's hard to state where exactly these might fit in a solid curriculum. Let's explore this.

An educated person has a huge reservoir of words and mental images they may draw on. Some in this interactive are berth, wardroom, sickbay, bilge, bow, aft, starboard, port, wheel, mast, cannon, and even deck are all words which might make their way into a fictional story, an inspiring and lyrical story, or (importantly!) an editorial piece educating people on the benefits of one policy or leader versus another.

If you're of the Kennedy clan, these terms and mental pictures are part of early childhood. If you're even Ed, raised in rural Ohio, but with a yearly visit to the shore, having a cousin with a sunfish class sailboat, and parents who read to you constantly, you'll get some of these.

If you're born in central Chicago, to a 17 year old parent raised in Cabrini Green, these may not be part of your vocabulary, may not be among the mental pictures you can summon when reading a book or opinion piece, hearing a speech or debate.

Thumbs up then, for at least the Powder Boy interactive. Tomorrow we'll look at how to make learning a bit more efficient.

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