Monday, November 29, 2010

edReformer: Rocketship Tour Notes

edReformer jots some notes from a site visit with Rocketship (charter) elementary schools. I've picked out items relating to online ed (but the others are fascinating as well):
School Model:
  • 25% student time on computer-based basic skills learning (non-cert supervision)
Learning lab:
  • Content: DreamBox, Rosetta, Accelerated Reader, Reasoning Mind, Head Sprout
  • embedded assessment of little value
  • big variation in data export ease & transferability
  • common tagging & data management scheme would help
  • Assessment: Promethean and Synaptic Mash
  • little online assessment; questions are read out loud and kids type into online environment
  • looking for philanthropic support for better assessments
Growth plans (and they’re aggressive):
  • Powerschools SIS and Google apps for education
  • PD all focused on traditional instructional strategies

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