Friday, September 24, 2010

Viewing historical numbers, e.g. U.S. Income and Poverty
Take a look at how differently today's student can explore data from the past. Some of it's just a timesaver--rollover for a specific data point rather than use your straightedge. Yet there's ease and elegance and interactivity here which also invited deeper inquiry.

Take my midwestern neighbors, whose income climbed by a fifth from 93-2000--much sharper than other regions--then plunged til '05. Toward what deeper insight does this hint? (Age? Land prices? Job types?)

As an economic conservative, I'm most intrigued by the income disparity chart. What would cause such a continued drop in income among the first 40% of wage-earners*? Does real deflation play in? Or is some other (unchanging) government policy at work?

As an ed-techie, I'm wondering how your students can make their own such charts.

*Is it wage earners? Are transfer payments included? Where's the source info?

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