Friday, September 03, 2010

Rails & Actionscript: Project Sprouts Screencast
Oh, my. This is just too sweet.

Want to embed a nice Flash™ animation/interactive in a oh-so-adaptable Rails app? The very thing I've been exploring the past couple weeks. And look, here's...

  1. Install it with your Rails setup.
  2. Generate a project.
  3. Type in your Actionscript (or MXML) code into the appropriate .as file.
  4. Run the generator, and woo-hoo! your .swf file is ready to go!!

Just seems like right where my head was at today, in planning out the content for the SXSW panel!

OK. It's Fri. afternoon on the way to labor day, so next week will bring more extended play. How does it allow Rails code to integrate with AS3? What are some examples of completed apps? How customizable is it? Will it stay maintained?

Great questions to launch into Fall!!

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