Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Adobe - Flash CS3 resources
How to help interactives developers focus on
  • Content
  • Curricular relevance
  • Composition
instead of technology and gadgets?

That's the road we're on, especially as I look toward assembling the SXSW Panel (Building Open Platforms for Learning K-12 Core Content).

For designer/developers who want to do more than fight code and interfaces, we need a set of standard starting points.

A toolset beyond just Flash or Javascript would be the thing. One which lets you pick a pattern (anything from Hangman to very complex interactive games) and focus on associating content.

I have in mind a completely open source toolset, for maximum growth. Yet Flash is still predominately the tool of creative interactive developers. While I wait for my Sprouts bug to be squashed, here is a paper on Extending Flash. Which is to say adding script functionality to Flash itself:
"you may be familiar with ActionScript™, which lets you create scripts that execute at run time in Adobe® Flash® Player. The Flash JavaScript application programming interface (JavaScript API) described in this document is a complementary programming tool that lets you create scripts that run in the authoring environment."

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