Wednesday, August 18, 2010

StayCation Sucks!
OK, I knew the budget was gonna be tighter than usual this summer, that they're probably be no ten days in Carolina mountains and beaches. But, Gees!

The annual weekend with the family at a camp (cabin sounds too suave) was supposed to lead into at least a couple days on the North Coast (hey, they have beaches, too), a taste or two of wine in the Finger Lakes regions, and a "working" stop at Cornell to put up some fliers and enjoy a bagel and coffee at College Town Bagels. Plus, of course, a few historical discoveries (e.g.Women's Rights National Historical Park)

Instead, I'm home in the office, just finishing an uninformative webinar with Linda Darling Hammond, teaching myself new Actionscript tricks, and trying to pretend I'm not here to deal with the daily junk.


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