Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Education Week: State Tech Grades 2008
How does your state rank in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education? Mine got a "C". But look at California! Home of Silicon Valley and the bay area dotcom incubator, not to mention the cradle of the aerospace industry, and high tech, special effects filmmaking? A "D+"!

Many of these measurements are relative, but one interesting for me is that Ohio fills only 55% of its science teaching positions (grades 7-12) with science majors.


mpstaton said...

Hi Ed!

Technology use is deceptive. Having technology, paying for technology, and using technology and instruction and learning are totally different things.

BTW, where's your RSS link? I'd love to subscribe. I'm a history buff and I taught US History before this internet nonsense.

- Michael

Ed said...

Hey, Michalel!

Yes, there is much comment on what the tech buys for us.

Education Week: Online Education Cast as ‘Disruptive Innovation’ talks about a recent article and book. The longer article is somewhere...but where?!!!

I have an atom link in the sidebar. Is that enough?

Ed said...

Ah, yes!
How Do We Transform Our Schools? by Clayton Christensen, Michael Horn
Use technologies that compete against nothing.