Thursday, March 06, 2008

Too Good to Last: the True Story of Reading First
40-50% of urban and Black American students do not graduate; many who do are not educated. Remember that.

Keeping on Tuesday's Sol Stern theme, here's an essay of politics as its practiced, and why good solutions are so hard to come by. A word of warning: back in the Clinton I years, there was no shortage of Republicans who would listen to any tale of evil about Mr. Clinton and those around him. No evidence needed. If you are the mirror image of such people today; one of those "open minded" people who are convinced Mr. Bush is the dumbest of the dumb, surrounded by greedy corporate stooges, skip the report. If you want to actually undo the corporate stooges, read on.

The purpose of this site is to enhance experimentation. When 40-50% of urban and Black American students do not graduate, something is wrong. Most any experiment attempting to remedy this should be given support.

Reading first was such an experiment. It was another clumsy, heavy-handed federal government experiment, but as we said,.... Plus, empirical evidence showed that it worked--at least in the basic reading area.

Find out how the lawyers, career bureaucrats, and big textbook companies shot it down.

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