Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Game School
"Soon New York City will be home to a new 6-12th grade public school that will use game design and game-inspired methods to teach critical 21st century skills and literacies. Opening in fall 2009, the school is being created by the Gamelab Institute of Play,

"Gamelab Institute of Play promotes GAMING LITERACY--the play, analysis, and creation of games--as a foundation for learning, innovation, and change in the 21st century. Through a variety of programs centered on game design, the Institute of Play engages audiences of all ages, exploring new ways to think, act, and speak through gaming in a social world. Participants call themselves writers, designers, readers, performers, teachers, and students. We just call them gamers."

Hmmm. Hmm.

If you'd like to be pricipal there, here's the position announcement.

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