Monday, April 02, 2007

MNF-Iraq on YouTube
It's no secret that if there's an Ernie Pyle in the current war, he's not getting past any editor in NY/D.C. Those latter worthies pretty much limit the view of the war here in Ohio to Katie Couric reading the day's body count and partisan talking heads in D.C. debating the brilliant foreign policy analysts of Hollywood. PBS' talks with John Byrnes are about the only chance Joe Public gets to hear about the situation on the ground--about the war the historians will write about when the dust finally settles. is hardly what you'd want in independent war coverage, but in this climate it at least provides a glimpse into daily operations. And now they've set up on YouTube, as a place for soldiers and others to post combat and war related film. It's just up and running, but maybe cool things will happen.

Raiders of the Thundering Herd offers one example of what videographers might take off with. The video montage from USMC combat correspondent CPL Jan Bender come with no narration, but a soundtrack more in keeping with many of the soldiers' mental soundtrack. I hope it and follow on videos will inspire some great films and interactives.

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