Friday, April 27, 2007

Guided By iPod: iPod Tour Guide
Just in time for a nice weekend excursion,...visit your favorite museum via your iPod.
This was one of the apps that excited our imaginagtion way back when we started the project. A visit to Gettysburg (Go. Really....Go.) has the entire family mesmerized as we listened to the CD re-enacting those 3 fateful days. COmplete with cannon fire and everything, the story plays out as you drive about the battlefield. Just amazing.

Similarly, we went to the Toledo Art museum. The magic audio tour there had my brother-in-law just mesmerized. He who was reluctant to go was the last one to frag out.

So, naturally, your iPod should bring these stories to you. iTunes Museum Room is growing, and already includes the Met, MOMA, SFMOMA, Hirschorn, Smithsonian, Versaiiles, San Diego Zoo, and more!

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