Monday, January 22, 2007

Developing K12 courses: Early online course prototypes:
"Amelia Jackson Zaremba is one of K12's most experienced instructional designers, has focused for many years on building the highly engaging and popular K12 history courses. Instructional designers coordinate all the different elements that go into a new course: the online and off-line media, the activities students are expected to do, the writing, interface, and illustration designs, and more."
Amelia takes over Bror's Blog at K12 this week, describing her team's work in creating interactive content for history. K12's work is very challenging, as they must produce an entire curriculum, so the lessons must be integrated and testable. They also work with the constraint that most of their lessons were developed with dial-up in mind; and of course, they must fit the educracy's edicts to some degree (though they have more freedom than public school curriculum designers).

Be sure to try out the Interactive Kitchen rollover.

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