Tuesday, January 23, 2007

iTunes U
You'll generously recall that we predicted a day when students of mediocre professors would regularly be found in class, listening not to the drone before them, but to an excellent professor speaking via the headphones of their iPod. And indeed, Apple has been on the case.

First to join the chase was Stanford. I am now listening to Stanford professor Thomas Sheehan lecture on The Historical Jesus.
Stanford on iTunesU - Profile
Stanford on iTunesU - link to iTunes

Next up was archrival Berkely:
UC Berkeley on iTunes U Galvanizes Campus
University-Branded Site an Immediate Hit

The University of Wisconsin at Madison joined in:
Podcasts: Earmarked for Success
Centralized Content Streamlines Studies Birdcalls for Ornithology class.
Will this catch on and continue? The iTunes Music Store does seem to be at odds with the Open Source movement-kindof. It'll be fun to watch.
If you want to get in on the discussion, join in at Apple Digital Campus Exchange

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