Thursday, January 11, 2007

5th Anniversary of No Child Left Behind
Monday, Congress took the day off to celebrate the 5th anniversary--oh, wait, they took the day off to see a football game that started at 8:45pm that night. Either way, we got home from game watching just in time to catch Secretary Spellings' speech. CSPAN streams it; I have no idea how to get you a link-its under Domestic/Social.

Education Gadfly (channeling through Mike Petrelli) very thoughtfully asks Is No Child Left Behind's birthday worth celebrating? Among the issues, NCLB's irrelevancy to getting quality content into schools. But then, we've had decades of trying to legislate and bureaucraslate quality into education; why should this one be any different?

If you'd like to see good, quality, fun, interesting content made available, why skip the lobbying and jump in here to build something. I doubt schools will be much likely to skip past the Online online, interactive, occasionally rockin’, sound-and- animation history textbook when it turns out the way we envision.

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