Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Digital History
I'd been hoping to go a little deeper into this than we'll have time for this morning. Digital History is one cool web site.

Cool thing one is the lifespan bar. The width of the timeline slider represents the life expectancy of a typical person living in that year. Note the slider bar get wider as you move it forward in time.

Connected to each item on the timeline is a fairly extensive treatment in text. And there are lots more goodies. Alas the Multimedia page is a little heavy on the Psuedo-intellectualism: Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky.

You'll want to play with the Time Machine. Take a look at the Games, Film Trailers, and Historical Music.

A bit of a strange section is the African American Voices - which seems to have a lot more bland overview than necessary. But skip down the page for some quotes.

And somewhat hidden is this Overview of American History.

All in all an amazing site!

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