Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Some random timelines
The interactive timeline seems an important component of online storytelling. They come in many different forms, with varying degrees of success. A number are already listed on this site; here are a few more.
Napoleon PBS.org
Muhammed: Legacy of a Prophet PBS.org
Queens Jubilee CTV
Cold War - Bay of Pigs Oregon Public Broadcasting
Comunity Foundation of Oakville I kind of like some of their approach.
Australia's Prime Ministers
Clinton Administration Nope, no Monica.
R/GAA design firm'scoroporate history, and very high bandwidth. But an approach to examine.
History of Computing PC Mag.
Salvation Army
US-Afghanistan timeline In These Times
No content An open source resource? Look here
Michael Jackson: Changing Faces Guardian Unlimited
Foot and Mouth ibid.
History of Papermate
Nine Months in Yorktown Continental Congress in York, PA
Alberta Archaeology

Not a timeline: Who'sYour Daddy A little project someone took on to ask about the mega media. Compelling use of flash, at least to ask a question.

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