Tuesday, April 01, 2003

More Interactives on Iraq
The Associated Press' Inside Irag map offers six small overlays of the Iraq map. The geographic relief version is worth going to just for the quick visual of the Kurdish hills, the fertile Euphrates/Tigris valley, and the desert that comprises the rest of the country.

BBC's Version of the interactive war map hasn't much to note - I mention it here just as an example of a different navigation approach.
This Newsweek Map of Baghdad lists 24 sites on a satellite map of Baghdad. Click on the one you're interested in, and you get athe close-in view,with quick explanation. Interestingly, it lists the Ministry of Defense not as one of 14 targets, but as one of 10 'Other Areas of Interest'.
Newsweek has an Interactive Showcase. I'll explore and comment later.

MSNBC Interactives
As mentioned, the complete list of MSNBC Interactives is long. Comments on a few:
This graphic explaining several systems in an armored column would make a great set of components. I'd love to see the graphic elements used to expand a topic, say to illustrate the column advance with flanking protection
The In The Battlezone interactive is overall not as useful as the half page map in my newspaper. However, it has one very neat feature - a calendar which lets you set the date.
If I could have a full screen map, with terrain features, day's events, and this calendar function, I'd be thrilled!

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