Friday, June 22, 2012

The Wayward Blogger

I guess I should pay more attention to this blog. We are seeing low, but steady traffic, so might be time to ramp it up again. It's not that I'm not writing. I write much on policy. But that mostly doesn't belong here. And I don't get to search for online resources the way I did. Maybe part of it is frustration with the Flash universe. Apple not allowing it on IOS. <$99 tablet devices not expecting the power to run it. No real agreement on standardizing Active Script. And, in a final nail, no one really supporting on-the-fly generation of ActiveScript, which seems to me critical to making dynamic games that really rock, assess, are affordable (ie free) and have smart feed back. Tons of great stuff has been created in the past decade. It lies out there, mostly forgotten. Certainly not cared for. And not well integrated or indexed. There are better ways. Too, for writing, Twitter seems to be the medium at hand. I tweet more in a policy/ed-tech venue, and that's where I'm reading. It's not yet crossing back here. In fact, though, Twitter would make more sense for much of the purpose of this blog. 140 Characters would adequately describe many of the resources and apps this was meant to show off. None of the above, though, really captures why I've strayed from here. It's really just frustration with (and better ideas for) the ecosystem of small history interactive. So my time these days focuses on creating a more friendly world for finding, assigning, using, reviewing, creating small learning interactives of all kinds. Plus trying to find funding. Always a challenge. And getting old.