Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Credit Flexibility--A Powerful Tool

Today I write on GettingSmart (EdReformer) about the real change agent in Ohio--and it's not Issue 2.

Credit Flexibility is a new (2010) law designed to give students many more options in what they learn and who they learn it from. In it's first year, CreditFlex students have chosen to
  • Learn advanced music from a local youth symphony 
  • Learn business and agricultural management skills by growing and marketing popcorn. 
  • Get Physical Education credits outside the school day 
  • Work with edible and medicinal plants and their relation to healthy living (under an International Baccalaureate instructor and professional herbalist). 
  • Learn programming and build robots Research environmental and global issues 
  • Learn Latin from a private instructor outside the public school 
For more examples, check out the news videos and newspaper coverage at Ohio Credit Flex on FB.

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