Thursday, November 10, 2011

"The Congress of Ohio...Or Whatever"

The pre-service teacher waiting for her Caribou Coffee meets a friend who gleefully notes that Ohio defeated Issue 2.

In her best whine, she replies, "It doesn't matter.

"Like,... the Congress of Ohio,..or Whatever? It is already working on another law to .....[oppress teachers].

Really. The "Congress of Ohio"?

We can't expect all 22-year-old graduates to have a command of the intricacies of education and administrative policies. university is for learning frameworks of analysis, research skills, calculating and writing, that sort of thing.

But even if you are a music teacher, shouldn't we expect more of the person teaching our children than 'the Congress of Ohio'?

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Ed said...

I asked a sophomore music-ed friend the name of the people who met in Harrisburg, PA to make laws. She's pretty well grounded, had an excellent Catholic School elementary experience, and sailed through a good suburban high school.

She couldn't name a legislature, either.

But she's also in a pretty intense program.