Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dinosaur Wars WGBH American Experience | PBS
Last night's American Experience offered a fascinating glimpse into the first days of science in America as a profession. Following the civil war, in the early days of the Industrial Revolution, two bone collectors do battle in the American West.

If you've ever explored Utah/Colorado/Wyoming/South Dakota, you wouldn't think two eastern paleontologists could even bump into each other, let alone get near enough to squabble. Yet these two fought bitterly over bones across the west.

This story should be a great entry point for youth to history and science in the US.

All I can say about the accompanying website is that it's basically a "Companion Book" to the film. That's standard again, gone are the days of the rich interactive websites.

Which is sad. And, I might add, I take much blame for this myself. I foresaw this as inevitable without a unified national effort to bring costs down and quality up. Plenty of time has passed.

Yet I have so far failed.

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