Friday, January 07, 2011

The Captain and the King -
Nothing at all about education technology, though this is a story of technology and of education.

You've all seen the tale of the US Navy Captain relieved of duties because he made videos to entertain his crew. I won't begin to go into whether this was appropriate or no, except to say that the news shows behaved ridiculously. This was the lead story on all three of the old networks nightly news shows. Was the really most important thing of the day?

That said, Peggy Noonan has a wonderful take on leadership, and eventually on what youth learn.
"But it's a great mistake when you are in a leadership position to want to be like everyone else. Because that, actually, is not your job. "

"The young aren't taught what they need to know. And they know they're not being taught, and on some level they resent it. For the past 20 years I have heard parents brag, "I brought up my child to question authority." Ten years ago I started thinking, "Really? Well good luck finding it, junior."
Technically, this guy's mistake was getting caught. By the international media, that is: the videos give aid to the enemy in radical Islam. Yet maybe all those cameras everywhere will begin to have a new effect on our culture. Not one where fame through outrageousness is sought, but where a bit more dignity arises from pure self-interest.

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