Friday, February 22, 2008

This week on Battle of the JayWalk All-stars, an education major and aspiring teacher (looked over 20),
- Could not identify a picture of John McCain. Is it "Lenti?" "Palenti?" She had never heard the name John McCain.
- Thought "the Italian City famous for its canals" is Paris. Given the clue "Venetian Blind" changed to "Venezuala"
- Could not guess any war that the Invasion of Normandy might have been in. (This for probably the single most significant military event in US experience).
- Thought that Normandy might have been a made up place. Couldn't remotely guess where it was.
- Thought a portrait of Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice was of Amerosa, of The Apprentice fame.
- Knew that a picture of Al Gore was somebody who "talked about the environment". Guessed it might be "Bush".
- Couldn't guess who a picture of Nancy Pelosi was, even given a first name. (Came up with Nancy Drew, but dismissed it.)
- No clue, even given the hint "bell", who invented the telephone.
- Thought Newton discovered relativity.
- Thought Michelangelo's David was either Eve or Michelangelo's boyfriend.
- Who lives in Vatican City? "The Vaticans" No--He wears a big hat. "Abraham Lincoln?"
- Obviously, didn't know who lost at Waterloo.

The good news is, the education major won this battle of brains.

Maybe, while she was mastering spectral analysis, Schroedinger equations, organic chemistry, and/or financial accounting, she just forgot some of these basics. That can happen in really intense college programs.

Besides, why would her kindergarten students need any of that stuff?

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