Friday, June 15, 2007

Course to Midway - Battle of MIdway
This excellent site from the US Navy looks like it might have been up for awhile..but it's the first time I've seen it. We're especially interested in the battle map:

The best thing here: They Actually Use A Narrator. OK, so we're excited easily here. But think about it, how many of the educational Flash interactives that we've seen use voice? A handful at best. Even the videos popping up on YouTube tend to be way short on voice-overs.

For like a hundred thousand years, people have passed history to the next generation via vocal story. It might still work on the web.

As to interactivity, this one falls short. There isn't even a pause feature. And we always like to see a clock/timeline with the map. That's so much more informative to the general learner.

What do you think about the lead ins? I have a post coming on an inline video that takes 4 minutes to get to the storyteller...this one is lightning fast by comparison. Still, is it quick enough for the target audience here?

All of this reminds me that we're still finding dreadfully little critical review of these things. It must be out there somewhere; the word is certainly full of critics and educational laboratories. I just need to bust butt in the right places. I miss real print-bearing libraries.

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