Wednesday, April 26, 2006

SXSW 2006 Interactive Panels Podcasts
If the posts here seem to be getting a little scarcer; it partly because business has been busy; partly because Spring has brought new opportunities for lobbying for local hiking, bike, and drive-it-yourself interpretive trails.

It's also because I promised more technical content, and have since walked into a firehose of info on AJAX, DOM-scripting, Ruby-on-Rails, and all the like. I suspect a lot of developers are like that - as we try to riddle out a seemless interface between Flash applications and plain old text.

This week I've been listening again to some conference sessions. The above link is the podcast of the 2006 South By SouthWest festivals. The session that first caught my interest was How to Bluff Your Way in DOM Scripting (MP3). You'll enjoy more, I'm sure.

Why fill your iPod with music when you can listen to Brits expounding on scripting and markup as you tour about?

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