Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Week at War: March 19-25 NY Times
What have you done so far this week? In three days in 2003, US forces had rewritten the land forces speed records, moving halfway across Iraq on the way to Bagdad. Marines in open-door vehicles had shown the force in town after town. 8000 Iraqi army troops had surrendered and many more were simply left to walk away.

On Day 3, a big planning concern was still tens of thousands of refugees who might leave their homes and Iraq itself if clashes with the Republican guard became protracted.

From the archives, this Times interactive summarizes the first week of the war.

How could we build a better version?
  • Full screen, more detailed map?
  • Audio Narration?
  • Animate force movements?

    CNN had much more info. CNN Sights and Sounds Archive.
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