Thursday, March 23, 2006

Advanced Distributed Learning - Home
We haven't talked here much about SCORM and other online educational content standards - mostly because I haven't invested enough time to say anything intelligent about them. For awhile their website was so archaic, I was starting to consider it another roadkill on the US Government acronym/standardization/initiatives highways.

Their highly revamped site shows that they've picked up speed. ADL - the Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative - is a child of the Pentagon. Their "Plugfests" (the most recent held in Taipei) "provide ADL partners with the opportunity to synchronize the evolution and convergence of commercial authoring tools, learning management systems and Web-based courses with the evolving open-architecture specification."

SCORM - the Shareable Content Object Reference Model - "is a collection of specifications and standards primarily drawn from other organizations. SCORM provides the framework for developers, content providers, project managers and instructional designers to follow in developing their product to be reusable and interchangeable across a global scale.

Other standards and resources are at the site, as is a discussion forum: Implementing the SCORM forum.

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