Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Learning Principles
Gee, in What Video Games have to Teach us about Learning and Literacy gives us fully 36 principles of Learning! Here are six:
6. Low Risk.
Learning in video games allows learners to take risks in a way that real-world consequences are minimal.
7. Committed Learning
In a video game, learners commit for long engagements in a world they find compelling.
8. Identity
The learner, while learning facts and mechanics, also develops a view of a certain identity in themselves. Just as Ed the blogger is only one of my growing identities, so games (and school) properly allow learners to try out identities.
9. A great game allows the player to learn about themselves and capabilities-current and potential.
10. More back than put in.
For a little input, learners get a lot of output.
11. Achievement
For learners of all levels there are rewards from the beginning, customized to their level, effort, and growing mastery.

How do schools do on this last? Bey you've never seen a student who responds great to a good one-on one session with a teacher, but are perfectly indifferent to receiving their daily "C" for staying in the center of the bell curve.

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