Thursday, October 14, 2010

About a year ago I experienced my first Twitter re-enactment.

First, you may know that normally, I am not a big fan of Twitter. I use it, as a personal diary and to follow a couple of close, reserved friends.  Otherwise, the race to 'retweet' every last utterance on the planet seems to be loud static, approaching as a limit the cosmic background noise.

That said, the 'twitternactment' of Revolutionary battle of Trenton was a fun learning experience.

In my case, I was out on a Sunday afternoon walk/drive for the event, which made it all the easier to pay attention to the flow of the story.  The 140 character snippets made the story quite easy to digest, withtime to savor each scene, forget about the event, and then be brought into the story again later as events unfolded.

Today the Wall Street Journal reports that The Texting Revolution is Here. Well, duh, yeah. However, we can still complete the revolution by incorporating it into education.

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